Out and About

Places to go, things to do and what to see

These include the beach, walking or mountain biking in the nearby mountains also cycling or hiking. Fishing, snorkelling, diving, waterski or jet ski are just a few possibilities. Not forgetting surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing and paddle board. Then there’s swimming or just lazing on the beach with a good book in the shade of the trees.

The Promontory

For a quick excursion, without straying too far from the camping, there is the Promontory stretching out into the sea from the Grammeno Beach car park. To reach the end of The Promontory takes around fifteen minutes and is only 900m from the camping. There are tracks which circumnavigate the area going up the east side, with fine views of Paleochora to the rocky end of the Promontory. Crossing the rocks can be more demanding as the surface is uneven and waves sometimes break over from the sea if the wind is from the south or west.

There is another track which roughly follows the west side and leads back to the car park passing two beaches on the way. From here there are views along the coast towards Krios and further to Elafonissi.

Things to see and do might include visiting the caves or climbing to the top of the big rock located near the centre. From here it’s possible to take fine panoramic photos of the sea, beach and mountains.

Look out for fossils embedded in the rocks, the natural concrete at the far end and also the lilies or Sea Daffodils which flower from end of August giving a pleasant scent early in the morning. There are plenty of wild herbs to experience. Just brushing against them can release a pleasant aroma. Look out for the Tamarisk trees on the beach and the juniper bushes scattered all over. Their berries can be found all around in varying stages of ripeness. Tamarisk can be found near the beach and the sea as it tolerant to salt. Brushing against the filamentous leaves under certain conditions can make your skin damp where moisture is exuded. This may be part of the process of ridding the tree of excessive salt from the brackish water and salty air near the sea.

In all, The Promontory offers plenty to entertain all, especially nature-lovers, dog-walkers and families with young children. With the sea on three sides, it’s difficult to get lost!


Visit the charming village of Paleochora only 4.5km by road from the camping. Just a few minutes by car, around fifteen by bike or about an hour on foot.

The road has recently been upgraded. There is now a pedestrian/cycleway from the camping into Paleochora. The route is particularly pleasant on a sunny, calm day as it follows the coast all the way. Perfect for small children on cycles or dog-owners wishing to walk safely, away from the traffic. Take note of the limestone quarry, the caves carved into the mountains and the marks left on the rocks by wave-action before the 365AD earthquake. This very severe earthquake raised the west end of the island some nine meters and sent a tsunami which drowned thousands on the coast of North Africa and the Nile Delta.

Paleochora is one of the few remaining communities on Crete where the inhabitants live year-round. It retains its ancient charm whilst providing visitors with a number of facilities and attractions. There’s a choice of beach: sand or pebbles: east or west. A castle, a museum and churches, restaurants, bars and cafés, banks and cash machines as well as a good range of shops. There are also doctors and dentists, an optician and visiting eye specialist, a vet, a pet shop and even a nightclub! There is also a number of other specialists and therapists.

From Paleochora there are buses to Chania, Sougia, Kountoura and Elafonisi. Ferries to Gavthos or east along the coast to Sougia, Agia Roumeli and beyond. A car or bike can be rented so you can please yourself. Walks to Sougia along the E4 coastal path or into the mountains for wonderful views. Visit Gialiskari Beach, wander up the Anydri Gorge or visit the ruins at Lissos.

Bus services are operated by KTEL (ΚΤΕΛ). Destinations and timetables for 2023 are to be found here. Prices can be obtained by use of the interactive but sometimes unpredictable, ticket booking system.

The main south coastal ferries operate all year but are prone to cancellation during bad weather so it’s better to check the day before if uncertain. Services are more frequent with additional destinations during the summer months. Ferry timetables and prices for 2023 are to be found here

The renowned beach at Elafonissi is within hiking distance along the E4 coastal path. The road is less direct and is a bit of a drive! During the summer there is a small ferry which leaves Paleochora around 10:00 and will bring you back from Elafonisi in the afternoon. Booking is via Selino Travel in Paleochora. There is also a bus to Elafonisi operated by K-Tel

Heading east from Paleochora, towards the village of Anidri, it is possible to park your car just past the Paleochora camping for a walk to Gialiskari beach and the gorge to Anidri. The gorge is approximately 3km long with some difficult terrain in places. Allow two hours for the climb to Anidri village where you will be rewarded with the opportunity of refreshments at the Schoolhouse Kafeneion: a worthwhile stop. From there, you can descend via the road through a gorge to find your car.

Further afield are the Irini and Samaria Gorges. Both descend to the sea with the possibility of a ferry back to Paleochora. Of the two, Samaria is the more formidable with a descent of around 1,200m and distance of 13km compared to 500m and 7km for Irini. There is a private bus service which passes the camping between 07:00 – 07:20. More details from reception. The public bus service, KTEL, operates from the Paleochora bus station. See below for timetables and pricing. The public bus takes you to Omalos for the Samaria Gorge or to Agia Irini for the Irini Gorge. The Irini Gorge is open all year however Samaria only for the summer season. Of the two, Samaria is the most well known and consequently, the more crowded. At the base of the Samaria Gorge, there is a further 3km walk to Agia Roumeli and ferry back to Paleochora via Sougia. From the end of the Irini Gorge, there is a further 4.5km to Sougia and the ferry back to Paleochora.

From Paleochora, a 5km journey will take you up into the mountains to the village of Azogires. There are caves to explore, a waterfall, the monastery of the Holy Fathers, which is now a museum, churches and the local Kafeneion for Sofia’s omelette or other refreshments. From Azogires a two-hour walk will take you to Anidri and the head of the gorge which descends to the sea at Gialiskari.